NAB Leather Co Products Are Eco-Friendly and Organic

  • by Admin
  • June 21, 2022, 4:23 p.m.

When it comes to leather goods, NAB Leather is the leading online retailer. This fast-growing company places the needs of its customers first. This is evidenced by its comprehensive policies, which are designed to give its customers a personalized shopping experience. You will not have to worry about quality because the company strives to keep its products as eco-friendly and organic as possible. NAB Leather Co products are made in Canada, and the company is also proud of its tannery methods, which are certified by the Organic Certification Organization.

Made in Canada

If you're looking to buy leather belts, you've come to the right place. Made in Canada, these belts are a classic and versatile way to add style and definition to any outfit. Not only will they enhance your wardrobe, they'll also help you stand out from the crowd at work or a party. With these belts, you'll be the talk of the town - whether you're wearing a business suit or a relaxed, casual look.

Organic tanned

When looking for leather handbags and other accessories, consider vegetable-tanned Nab Leather Co. This leather is tanned by using all-natural chemicals and tannins derived from tree bark and vegetable matter. The leather is soft and supple and varies in shade depending on the organic matter used to produce it. It is ideal for crafts such as leather carving and is not suitable for everyday use.

Vegetable tannins are among the most common organic materials used in leather making. They are made from specific parts of plants using aqueous extraction. These natural tannins have long been valued. They are mentioned in Babylonian texts, which pre-date recorded history, and were used in ancient Egypt. It is not surprising that vegetable tannins were used to make leather so ancient civilizations could use them.


The Nisolo collection is an excellent example of a leather accessory that is sustainable and eco-friendly. The leather is obtained from sustainable sources like the food industry. In addition, the leather is tanned using vegetable tanning, a process that relies on natural tanning from bark or other plants. In addition to the quality of their leather products, they offer a three-year warranty. As a B Corp, the Leather family is also committed to environmental issues. The company produces its products in a carbon-neutral way, and uses a variety of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly packaging. Additionally, they have donated more than four million euros to education and equal opportunity for children.

The materials that Nab Leather Co uses are 100% biodegradable, and the leather is not derived from animals. It is also made with pinatex, a synthetic material derived from pineapple leaves, which are usually discarded. Pinatex products are biodegradable and make an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable leather bag. In addition, their products are more environmentally-friendly than standard leather bags and can be used for a variety of purposes.